All Change at Anthony K Vehicle Leasing

Posted on 9th April 2018 By Rob Nugent

Fed up of spammy car leasing offers? I’m sure like me you’d prefer  car leasing blog over the dozens of template flyers you get each week.  So I figured if I’m fed up of them so will you!! So we have invested in a new website which will evolve with us into a news, views and information platform for all things vehicle leasing, local business and whatever you’re less than learned author decides to rant about.

Of course IF and WHEN you are ready to search for your next car, van, pick up or minibus over 100,000 prices can still be found at  at our offer site

So here is the unfinished article

Vehicle Leasing Rochdale which we are developing alongside some great people at Made By Factory. I am just waiting for my podcast microphone and then hanging a white bedsheet on the wall to create our own vlogging studio too


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