Author: Rob Nugent

2020 Impact of new emissions tests. Benefit in Kind for Electric Vehicles

After 2 hellish years trying to get our heads around the repercussions of the emissions scandal, combined with waiting for the Government stance on electric and hybrid vehicles we have some clarity. 

It’s a mixture of good and a bit of bad but overall reinforcing the message to companies and their drivers to clean up their fleets  Consumers will also see increases mainly as Road Tax increases have slipped under the radar as well as co2 adjustments. 

co2 Changes from April 1st
From this date, all new registrations will reflect their new, long-awaited official emissions figure.  Many cars will see an increase which will affect a) Road Fund Licence and b) Benefit in Kind calculations

For Contract Hire vehicles the leasing company includes Road Fund Licence in the price you pay, so if the co2 goes up your road tax may increase too. It is well worth considering taking a pre-registered or stock vehicle in the next few weeks. This applies as much for personal contracts as it does for business. 

We are expecting to see even more special offers, stock deals and pre-regs to get you a bargain.

Electric Vehicles 

From April 6th Benefit in Kind on most electric vehicles drops from 16% to  0% for 2020/21 financial year, rising to 1% and 2% over the next two years. After that we are uncertain but this is clearly a huge incentive to get your drivers, where possible considering the electric option.  Some customers are taking stock now taking a few weeks at 16% then falling to 0, however with lead times typically quite lengthy it might be best to get them ordered and to arrive after this date. 

Our business grows by word of mouth
If we have done a good job for you please leave us a review on either Facebook  or Google . Remember when a friend of yours takes delivery of a new car we have a great referral scheme too


Anthony K Support ‘Rochdale Ambassadors’ Programme

After seeing the badges on local business owners, noticing our MD Tony had been to some meetings I had to ask “What is Rochdale Ambassadors”. Is it networking? Is it a business club? how do you join? Well, the answer was amazing and paraphrased below.

This is Rochdale” is a private sector initiative for business leaders across the borough to promote Rochdale as a destination for business.

It is also supported by the Council and Rochdale Development Agency to encourage other businesses to be involved in the borough.

Anthony K Vehicle Leasing have made a lot of local contacts. We want to encourage more strategic alliances to work together from every background.

Creating opportunities for more business in the town will naturally create more. Because more business means more skills and knowledge. More business means more jobs, more training and more people having a better standard of living.

Events and get-togethers are held on a regular basis to find those “hidden gems” within the area. Businesses large and small are invited to connect, share ideas and get known.

It encourages people in businesses to work together and act as Ambassadors to promote the name of Rochdale in a positive way.

Mileage Anxiety and What To do about it

Having a quick scan through the settings on my Volvo V40 the other day the odometer confirmed what I’d been thinking for a while – I was going over my contracted mileage. 

So before arranging to use my mother in laws Dacia Duster, nipped to Halfords for a pedal bike or decided to use Facetime for my meetings it’s always worth exploring amending the original contract. 

 Did you know most Contract Hire companies will allow you to alter the deal if the use of the vehicle changes? Just ask your broker for some advice of how best to go about this. 

Excess mileage isn’t there to ‘sting’ you, we’d all rather you got the contract right and the car went back with the approximate agreed mileage.

At an average of say 10p/mile you’re at £100 for 1000 miles so if that family trip to France comes in adding 2000 miles to your budgeted mileage it’s £200 to account for.  The same if your job role evolves to more travelling or if its a company car you assign the vehicle to another driver.  

Remember if you are running your cars for business then generally a few more miles should result in more business….. and if you took the contract out to hit a ‘budget’ lets have a reality check and pay a little more to avoid the inevitable bill that’s coming down the line.

Our customers get at least a 12-month customer service call to ensure they are running to the correct mileage. If you would like to deal with a firm that does more than just take your order then forget about you give our team a call. 01706 577040 during office hours. or Whatsapp me on 07968 970704 anytime.  

CRIT Air – Driving your leased car in France

Initially, a way of reducing the numbers of older/dirtier vehicles in Paris this system means all vehicles MUST display their Air Quality Certificate in their windscreen in certain areas. However for the sake of 4eu its probably worth just getting yours ordered just in case!

With more French cities coming onboard soon it’s vital you get the correct badge for your vehicle. There is loads of information available but we recommend if you intend to drive in France you play safe and get yours ordered to avoid any unnecessary hassle or expense across the channel.

There are loads of websites overcharging you for your sticker please go direct to the official site. It is around 4eu for your display badge.

This low emission zone is focused on cleaning the air in inner citys, protecting the citizens and therefore reducing the most emitting of vehicles when required. All you need to do is display your badge and keep an eye out for zones that you may not be allowed to travel through at certain times in certain vehicles. Like UK zones most newer vehicles should be ok most of the time, but STILL need to display the correct badge!

Mercedes Production 2019

Mercedes have announced some factory closures for summer 2019. These will affect lead times significantly.

As usual our advice is – if you see the right deal, take it! Leasing companies are buying up lots of excess stock to present you with some fantastic offers.

What we know so far:

A-Saloon – No production in April

GLA – No production in May

C-Coupe – No production in May

C-Estate – No production in June

GLC-Coupe – No production in April

E-Saloon – No production in May & June

E-Estate – No production in May & June

CLS – No production in June

S-Class Saloon – No production in April, May & June

S-Class Coupe – No production in April, May & June

S-Class Cabriolet – No production in May & June

SLC – No production in April & May

SL – No production in April & May

Financial Advisor in Car Leasing Deal – Mercedes A200 AMG Line

Car Leasing Deal for Bury Financial Advisors at Nazia Hague Wealth Management.
Another social media recommendation from Bury based Financial Advisors at Nazia Haque Wealth Management

Having met nearly 10 years ago, Rob and Nazia stayed in touch over Linkedin. Finally a passing comment in the office led Nazia to recommend a colleague speak to Rob about her new car.

Within a few days this beautiful A200 AMG Line was delivered to a delighted customer at their office near Bury.

It’s how we roll at Anthony K Vehicle Leasing. No hard sell we are here when you ready!

Golf Pro Delighted By New VW T-Roc

Rochdale Golf Pro Gets New VW T-Roc. Ryan Grumbridge.
Here’s a great little testimonial from Rob’s old school chum and Golf Pro Ryan Grumbridge
Ryan is the professional at both Castle Hawk and Royton Golf Clubs as well as running the driving range at Castle Hawk. We have recently joined forces to bring vibrant business owners together in Rochdale via The Rochdale Business Club
A small group on Facebook looking to meet up and network on a regular basis.

You can follow me on Instagram at robnugent1

Brexit Car Leasing News

As news arrives of any potential disruption, good news, bad news we will upload it here. Note we are trying to help customers not fuel a debate so everything here will be statements and news from suppliers, manufacturers, Government or trade bodies. If you see anything that we should include please email

4th Feb 2019: Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Information

  • All cars customer tagged already will be honoured at the existing prices regardless of tariffs or levies that result from Brexit (in other words, the brands will cover this potential cost)
  • Any car that is tagged and is in the UK by 28th March 2019 will also have the prices honoured
  • Any new order that does not fall into any of the above categories will be subject to any changes in pricing, levies or tariffs which occur as a result of Brexit. Cancellations will be accepted if this happens and customers are unhappy with the new figures

Source: Johnsons Fleet Services, 4th February 2019.

Crossfitter Gets New Car After Meeting Rob at the Barbell

We are delighted to be supplying yet another member of Crossfit OL1 with their brand new car. This time a Seat Arona for one of the newer members who dropped a massive 50kg in just 12 months of training and was recently awarded ‘Member of the Year’ for 2018 given the progress in his fitness and lifestyle during that time.

Taylor is a tea time regular at the Ol1 facility and was looking for a new car at short notice to replace a Ford Fiesta which was nearing the end of the contract.

Seat Arona Oldham

After a couple of chats between deadlifts and box jumps Taylor, a CAD engineer from Royton decided to entrust Rob to do all the hard work.  We wer able to take the pain out of trying to find a cracking deal combined with stock, tight delivery schedules and even a visit to collect contracts and discuss any queries at his place of work.

The resulting Seat Arona was on Taylors drive within days of ordering and he is delighted with the service, pricing and of course removing hassle using Anthony K Vehicle Leasing. Robs unusual way of sorting deals via text, whatsapp, email, Facebook and face to face allowed Taylor to be kept fully abreast of deals, pricing and colours without having the ‘call centre experience’ all too common in the leasing industry.

Rob has traditionally used regular networking methods to gather new contacts but with the commitment to fitness training (after years of telling off from a friendly Doctor) and with a young family found it hard to have leisure time and business meetings at the same time.  “Instead of breakfast meetings and evening socials I  mix up a 6am, 5.30pm and even the odd lunchtime class.  Just like some people find a game of golf finds them great contacts a quality gym has plenty of lovely professionals to chat with, make connections and occasionally they come to me for my assistance. I’m getting incredibly fit and kind of ‘working’ at the same time”

OL1 is currently undergoing a fantastic refurbishment in the industrial old mill it calls home. Contact them for more information about addressing your work, life balance and enjoy the community aspect as well as the obvious health benefits of a well structured Crossfit programme.

Anthony K Vehicle Leasing are a 22 year established vehicle leasing broker based in Rochdale.

Maserati Levante Delivery For Another Happy Customer

There seems to be a rush for our customers to be looking for premium spec SUVs.  The MD of one of our fleet customer’s  found this beautiful Maserati Levante3.0 V6 Gran Sporte in his local dealership and asked us to sort the funding!

With a list price pushing £80,000 it was paramount to use the experience and negotiating power of our Sales Director Rod Hallworth to make the deal work.

Rod was able to push down the price of the vehicle from list price and then, of course, use Anthony K’s broker funding model to gather quotes from 8 vehicle leasing companies before partnering the customer with a Fleet News Top 5 major funder.  The customer decided on Business Contract Hire with full maintenance to ensure hassle-free motoring for the duration of the contract.

The car is cornered with 21inch alloy wheels and finished in Nero Ribelle paint with a Sabbia Leather interior. Options included a panoramic sunroof, privacy glass and chrome front grille.  We think it’s a stunning vehicle and are rightly proud of the deal we sorted for our client.

Anthony K Vehicle leasing is the expert deal finder for business and personal clients looking to save time and money.  In most cases we use our own network of long-standing and trusted suppliers however occasionally the vehicle dictates who to use and we have to say the supplying dealer was incredibly professional. We look forward to using them again.

By combining a network of supplier and a range of finance/funding options the customers win every time.