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Brexit Car Leasing News

As news arrives of any potential disruption, good news, bad news we will upload it here. Note we are trying to help customers not fuel a debate so everything here will be statements and news from suppliers, manufacturers, Government or trade bodies. If you see anything that we should include please email

4th Feb 2019: Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda Information

  • All cars customer tagged already will be honoured at the existing prices regardless of tariffs or levies that result from Brexit (in other words, the brands will cover this potential cost)
  • Any car that is tagged and is in the UK by 28th March 2019 will also have the prices honoured
  • Any new order that does not fall into any of the above categories will be subject to any changes in pricing, levies or tariffs which occur as a result of Brexit. Cancellations will be accepted if this happens and customers are unhappy with the new figures

Source: Johnsons Fleet Services, 4th February 2019.

Rochdale Business Awards Nomination – Community Spirit Award

Anthony K Vehicle Leasing are delighted and honoured to have been nominated for the 2018 Community Spirit Award as part of the annual Rochdale Business Awards.

Tony Nugent who started the business in 1995 from a spare bedroom suggests this could be the result of being a natural networker. Tony is known for never being in the office and simply making time to attend, promote and support local events and businesses.

“We built the business by networking and connecting locally. Naturally this means helping other businesses, attending events, supporting local charities.   As the towns only link to major fleet suppliers such as Leaseplan UK, Hitachi Capital and Arval UK we know we can serve demand locally whilst positively impacting the business environment. We go and see our clients or they can come to our office, meet the team and get a feel for the service they are going to get”

Tony’s most outlandish feat was to spend a day cold calling local businesses dressed as “Springy The Frog” to raise money for Springhill Hospice.  On a cold Friday and along with a number of other members they raised hundreds of pounds along with plenty of eyebrows on the way!

“Too many business owners take themselves too seriously, I consider that bad for business, have a laugh, do some good and it all balances out in the end”

Tony is a regular attendee at Chamber of Commerce and Springhill Hospice Business Buddies which has grown to over 50 regular contributors and regular networking for its supporters.  He has also recently been involved assisting local high schools by providing talks to their pupils about running a business.

He also supports local open nights for members of the public to look at running a home based business franchise whilst maintaining their employment or business.

The annual ceremony held at the majestic Town Hall on November 9th.  The event will be attended by hundreds of local business owners, sponsors and supporters from across the borough.   We are proud of everything Tony does and of course wish all nominees the very best of luck.  Many of our customers will be there on the night we are looking forward to catching up!

Latest News

We are very pleased to announce several new and improved services # in expanding our existing finance options. What’s new?

# Vehicle Sourcing and Supply

We have partnered with a national central hub to help us locate a wider range of cars and commercial vehicles – making it quicker and easier to locate vehicles in a shorter time and with even more competitive terms.

# Flexible short term Contract hire for limited companies

Anything from 3 months up to 2 years on a flexible monthly basis. Particularly useful for filling short term requirements for new employees, short term or temporary contracts, filling gaps in the event of extended lead times for replacement and new vehicles.

# Cash or Hire Purchase corporate terms

Do you purchase any vehicles?

If you decide to purchase some of your vehicles, we can now offer our corporate discounts on a wide range of vehicles without the need to lease or contract hire them.

# Staff Affinity Scheme

We realise that individuals who require vehicles but are not part of a company car scheme or mileage allowance scheme are left to their own devices in negotiating prices and finance options – of which there are many jargon confusing terms in the big bad world of car finance.

Our solution:

There are three finance options available to individuals

  1. Personal Contract Hire
  2. Personal Contract Purchase
  3. Hire Purchase

Choose any of these options with the corporate buying terms of ourselves (AKA) to achieve a competitive package to suit individual’s requirements based on their budgets.

What are the benefits?

A complete choice on any of the above finance options – the driver can choose according to their requirements.

A complete choice on any make or model – we are not tied to any brand of vehicle.

One point of contact to discuss – less time consuming and hopefully less stressful in achieving each individual’s requirements.

# Refer a Friend Scheme

We have also introduced a “Refer a Friend” scheme on our website:

We feel these options will be time saving for all our customers with one point of contact to help you make the appropriate decision for your business and personal requirements.

We also have two contact numbers for enquiries, making it easier to reach us:

0161 655 3200 or 01706 577040

All Change at Anthony K Vehicle Leasing

Fed up of spammy car leasing offers? I’m sure like me you’d prefer  car leasing blog over the dozens of template flyers you get each week.  So I figured if I’m fed up of them so will you!! So we have invested in a new website which will evolve with us into a news, views and information platform for all things vehicle leasing, local business and whatever you’re less than learned author decides to rant about.

Of course IF and WHEN you are ready to search for your next car, van, pick up or minibus over 100,000 prices can still be found at  at our offer site

So here is the unfinished article

Vehicle Leasing Rochdale which we are developing alongside some great people at Made By Factory. I am just waiting for my podcast microphone and then hanging a white bedsheet on the wall to create our own vlogging studio too

Finding the best deals for you

As a customer focussed business, committed to finding you the best deals, we have put together this new microsite to showcase the best of all our available offers. 

Dealing with a small brokerage can sometimes mean ‘more expensive’ but we have our finger on the pulse for the vast majority of special deals, fantastic buying power for fleet vehicles and wide selection of funders to offer a variety of options to suit all requirements and budgets.

The team at Anthony K are easy to deal with via phone, email or face to face. The vast majority of our business comes from recommendation and referral so in a world where whatever you buy can be bought elsewhere we know it’s key for our customers to back to us again and again and speak well of the work we do.

We believe in being straight with our customers from day one. We only offer deals that can be fulfilled, we speak from the horses mouth on availability and lead times and when asked a question will do our best to find the answer.  There is more to selecting your next car or van than rental alone our team attend regular industry training events to keep up with legislation, tax, buying trends and the future of transport in the UK.

Our new microsite has been designed to save you time and effort, by bringing together our favourite deals from the thousands of offers out there.