CRIT Air – Driving your leased car in France

Posted on 23rd September 2019 By Rob Nugent

Initially, a way of reducing the numbers of older/dirtier vehicles in Paris this system means all vehicles MUST display their Air Quality Certificate in their windscreen in certain areas. However for the sake of 4eu its probably worth just getting yours ordered just in case!

With more French cities coming onboard soon it’s vital you get the correct badge for your vehicle. There is loads of information available but we recommend if you intend to drive in France you play safe and get yours ordered to avoid any unnecessary hassle or expense across the channel.

There are loads of websites overcharging you for your sticker please go direct to the official site. It is around 4eu for your display badge.

This low emission zone is focused on cleaning the air in inner citys, protecting the citizens and therefore reducing the most emitting of vehicles when required. All you need to do is display your badge and keep an eye out for zones that you may not be allowed to travel through at certain times in certain vehicles. Like UK zones most newer vehicles should be ok most of the time, but STILL need to display the correct badge!


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