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Learning from the Crossfit Open to Business

So I just completed my first ‘Crossfit Open‘ and had an absolute ball for 5 Fridays in March.  I found out a lot about myself in this short time, some imcredible physical challenged that equally taxed the casual keep fitter to the elite athlete.


It’s 11 minutes into workout 1 which is 20minutes long.  I have to row for 14 calories, then execute 10 toes to bar, then perform 8  “power clean” movements with some heavy dumbells. My score is how many times I can get through this in that time window. I am genuinely hurting.  I am staring at the bar not sure if I want to get back up- my grip has completely gone.  Then my pal who is ‘judging’ my performance says “get on that bar Rob, attack it, you own it” (or similar). My grip came back. I literally “got a grip”.

LESSON: At work sometimes it feels like that bar is just too much to get back on. The rejection, the credit declines or the oft-disappearing act of the next best customer.  Sometimes we have someone with us and sometimes we

have to dig deep and push on beyond our natural boundaries. When we do the results can be staggering!


After over 250 1 hour Crossfit sessions in the last 18 months I’m getting to the hang of “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains” and having a ball!  I would think I am now ‘fit’ and getting strong but the combination of both is the ultimate goal especially as I head towards 40 at a startlingly fast rate……………….I am certainly fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been and having a great time getting there.

LESSON: It’s not too late to change. In business we have always done ‘ok’ but we have the power to be much different if we put our minds to it.

Your leasing expert becoming a better human 🙂


Yours truly is around the 20,000th fittest man aged 35-39 in the world………….so watch out:).  So my 1-mile run, my 2km row, my deadlift and squat along with things like my cholesterol and body fat percentage are what we measure not my biceps or weight on the scales.   Yet at work I am terrible at measuring my phone calls, emails, number of quotes,  meetings etc.   However all these things are going in the right direction purely by training or at work ‘activity;’ in terms of sales, quotes, follow-ups …..my focus is performance based and the results come as a by-product.

LESSON: “Do the thing and you will have the power”.  If for example I called 10 customers, did 10 quotes and had 1 meeting each day would the by-product be a relative number of sales?

When the focus is on performance over aesthetics the new leaner and toned body comes as a by-product and I think this transfers well to business. You can’t have the big watch and nice car without the grunt work when no-one is looking.  However, the biggest take away isn’t what we did or where we finished but where we need to focus for next year.


Some movements I was physically incapable of doing such as handstand push-ups and ring muscle-ups – both requiring a solid core, gymnastic skill and overall strength that even the hardiest of gym goers would lack.  However, there is plenty of evidence all around me that with a plan both are achievable in 12 months from now.  Back to business what could we achieve in 12 months given daily focus and activity? A muscle up to me could be as far-fetched as a 100 car deal but someone somewhere will achieve those things so why not me?

LESSON: Winners are made not born and don’t let anyone tell you differently.


One of the coaches has got me doing ‘hollow rocks’ at home to bullet-proof my core and prevent injury. I have access to a daily stretching and mobility blog (which I need to use more than I do).  Apparently, it’s mobility that’s most lacking in blokes like me for weightlifting…….as well as posturing around the gym with a heavy barbell.  So in 10mins a day stretching I can hit my goals quicker – the thing is it is not as exciting!

LESSON: for every fad and phase most businesses that I see performing have kept the old basics and maybe just add some extra stuff as a boost.


If  you are local to me and would like to come to join our community of ordinary people doing extraordinary physical feats we have a great crowd.  Each day is accessible to all abilities from people needing to improve their lifestyle to triathletes , rugby players and gym goers looking for a new challenge . Drop them a note and mention I sent you along Crossfit OL1